Dare to Dream

Have you noticed that I’m pretty into follow-up posts? Maybe it’s a product of post-academia (in which I, as a maddeningly verbose writer, forced my own students into feats of brevity), but clearly I’ve developed a pattern. Whether that pattern is a good thing or not is yet to be discovered, so here we go again: a variation on the previous theme.

I have recently been mulling over the idea of collaborations — those meetings of the minds that seem to occur with increasing frequency in this hyper-connected world. In a doodling-my-name sort of way, I began a mental list of people across multiple disciplines whose work I admire in some way and would love to partner with one day.

With boldness on the brain, I thought that naming some names would at least generate some good karma, if not actually force myself to understand what it is that draws me to these talented people. In no particular order, some cool/smart/funny/fabulous women:

Margo Raffaelli, author/blogger/personal jewelry consultant
You can’t tell me that this woman doesn’t have a fabulous job. You just can’t. She works with some of the most stunningly beautiful, artistic, and exclusive jewels I’ve ever seen, and she documents her travels with gorgeous photos. I started following her just for the eye candy, but stayed for the wealth of knowledge she possesses and the hope that a tiny bit of her coolness might somehow rub off on me.

Barbara Palumbo, blogger/industry personality/biz dev director for Gumuchian
No industry admiration list is complete without this woman. Though we’ve been in almost the same place at the same time and I still have yet to meet her, I feel like she’s been a silent mentor for many young professionals (including the ones she’s recently highlighted in a Millennial-focused it-list). Snappy, sassy, and totally unafraid to tell it like it is, her presence in the jewelry world gives me hope that a strong female voice can lead to success.

Holly Nichols, blogger/fashion illustrator
In a shining example of industry crossover, I’ve been a fan of Holly’s artwork for quite some time (shoutout to a hometown girl!). With great precision and a practiced eye, this woman recreates fashion and lifestyle #goals in glorious color for all the world to covet. I would paper my walls with her images if I could, and someday hope to commission something custom for this here blog.

The team at JCK: Victoria Gomelsky, Jennifer Heebner, Emili Vesilind, Brittany Siminitz, Logan Sachon (And Rob Bates — can’t leave out the guys!)
It’s time to come clean: I’m a JCK fangirl. From the very first magazine I read (May, 2013 I think), I was hooked. Great writing, useful information, insider perspectives, trustworthy news… it’s all there. They all perform their respective jobs with such panache, and I look forward to each new publication every month. (P.S. The new online layout is super snazzy!)

Michelle Graff, National Jeweler
I discovered this industry gem (hah!) a bit later than the one above, but it currently sits in permanent residence on my daily reading list. When I want the latest, most detailed, and relevant news and updates, this is where I go. Michelle clearly runs a tight ship, and I’m always thrilled to credit this site and newsletter when someone asks, “how did you know that?!”

Not a bad list to start, hm? I see these people work their magic every day, and I thank my lucky stars that I have such terrific role models (whether they know it or not!). There are many more people who deserve a nod, of course, and I’m always looking to expand my network of mentors in my own industry and across the wider business world. Please take a peek at the wonderful things these people do, and pleasepleaseplease suggest some more names. I’m well aware that a little recognition goes a long, long way.

2 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

    1. You’re a great presence and voice in this little industry of ours, so thank YOU for doing what you do. I’d love to chat and hear more of your story!


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