Hand me that knife, please

Have you ever passed by a bakery window, glancing in to see what’s fresh, and just… stopped? Right there, dead in your tracks, unable to move a muscle, because you saw the most delectable, most decadent, most beautifully-decorated piece of confectionery masterpiece you’ve ever laid eyes on? And at that moment, you knew with absolute certainty that you must have a piece, and nothing else would do.

Well, wipe up the drool and hand me a knife, because that fabulous dessert contains a piece with my name on it! That irresistible pull is how I feel when I’m at work — wrapped in layers of data pertaining to every facet (puns!) of the daily to-do list, devouring new information, mixing together inventory, vendors, customers, phone calls, sales, reports, and repairs in a perfectly balanced pastry of a day. I have cultivated a taste for the jewelry industry beyond what I originally intended when I took my first job, and I’m thrilled to indulge in a new-found passion.

Hyperbole and food metaphors aside, I’m finally ready to rejoin the blogosphere as a fine jewelry worker. I’m prone to puns, alliteration, and self-aware rampant em-dash overusage, but I hope you’ll forgive those few sins and enjoy some thoughts from a unique perspective.